About us

The Smart Cabinets’ team includes members from the Critical Care medical and AED program implementation fields. They are supported by our experts in training, product distribution, video creation and software development.

Smart Cabinets has partnered with Samsung and JL Industries to create reliable products that help our distributors Train their communities. For inquiries contact our team

Willing bystanders can help a person with a heart attack

Our Goal

To teach life saving skills to millions of people with our short two minute videos. Studies show 3 out of 4 people will watch a video if they have more than 5  minutes to wait. Our solutions have the most impact in front of a captive audience who they have “Time to Wait” in situations like sports centres, schools, Waiting Rooms, gates at the airport, any lobby or place where the public congregates.

Our Program and Videos

Videos are available in English, French and Spanish. The Trauma Smart™ Station our newest product, contains a pre-loaded content package of (bandages, tourniquets and equipment to stop bleeding). The Trauma Smart™ Station provides videos on triage, patient assessment, how to apply direct pressure, apply a tourniquet and QuikClot hemostatic dressings.

The AED Smart® Station or AED Smart® Door includes:
  • Learn CPR/AED (videos for all models of AEDs sold in CA/USA)
  • Optional videos include:
  • Learn Epi-Pen administration
  • Learn Narcan Nasal Spray
  • Learn Fire Extinguisher

NOTE: Our products are designed to be accessories in our Distributors’ programs. They hold equipment along with other items provided by the Distributor.

Our Technology

Our API Server, Smart Cabinets App and the Samsung Knox Customization work together to lock the tablet in Kiosk Mode but allow it to upload content as needed and send Smart Cabinets Monthly Metrics Report to measure the use metrics and determine ROI of our programs. JL industries Inc. provides the actual AED cabinet and door for the AED Smart® Station and the AED Smart® Door or the Trauma Smart® Station.


Our statistics for 911 response times to the scene and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Survival Rates are based on average times. Community or organization results may vary. Smart Cabinets Inc. is the sole owner of the registered trademarks, Product Pat. Pending, Industrial Design and video / content Copyrights © 2019. Our Terms & Conditions


Customize the AED cabinet with stickers, labels, branding etc. Video presentations can be enhanced to include your organization’s logo, introductory and/or concluding messages.

All customization must be agreed to in advance.

Our video content follows the CPR/ECC 2015 guidelines established by:

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