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We supply our products mainly to distributors who with their client base, can re-sell our Smart Cabinet products.

Smart Cabinets Intro Video

A brief introduction to the problem and how the AED Smart® Station helps solve the issues.

Smart Cabinets Program Overview

Understand the SCA problem, the combined cabinet/training product, server network, tablet configuration and uploading, metrics and customer set up.

Brochures Overview

The AED Smart® Station Brochure

Product Info Sheet – get the facts.

The AED Smart® Door Brochure

Product Info Sheet – convert your existing cabinet to an AED Smart® Station.

Product Comparison Sheet

Compare a standard AED Cabinet with the new AED Smart® Station.

WiFi Network

The API Server stores videos and tablet settings, gives automatic updates, WiFi, and user metrics and equipment tracking.

AED Program Quick Math

Compare the value between a typical AED Program and the AED Smart ® Station Program with respect to equipment, training and cost.

AED Program Equation

Experts would agree our equation is simple, but NOT easy. See the typical AED Program Equipment and Bystander challenges.

The Bystander Challenge

How can we get Bystanders trained? See the AED Smart® Station answer – “Time to Wait”.

Solving the Refresher Training Challenge

CPR / AED are perishable skills, regular repetitions maintain skill confidence, see our answer.

ROI Checkup

Are you maximizing your AED program? See the steps needed to measure your programs successAre you maximizing your AED program? See the steps needed to measure your programs success.

Monthly Metrics Report

Can you measure your AED programs level of community participation, program usage and track equipment expiry dates.

Airports By the Numbers

See how many people could be trained if major airports got involved.